So blessed to have so many awesome customers helping us sell out at markets each week during harvest as you store up for the off season. Thank you!

PYO Farm Store OPEN

**Chemical Free Elderberry Wine,
**Chemical Free Wild Blueberry Wine,

**Chemical Free Razzelle Trifecta RaspberryWine. $35 or 3 for $90.
***Elderberry Elixir, 16.8 oz, 75% Pure Elderberry Nectar & 25% Untainted Mountain Honey. $35 or 3 for $90.
****Untainted Blueberry Blossom Raw Mountain Honey, 16 oz. $25.
xxx99% Seedless Raspberry Pepper Jam-mild. 8 oz., $8
xxxWild Blueberry Jam--Low Sugar, Lots of Fruit, 8 oz., $8.
xxxWild Blueberry Pepper Jam-mild, 8 oz., $8.
No Blueberry or Raspberry Syrups made yet...working on it in-between getting the crop ready.
Text if you want to swing by the farm or like/follow us for updates about which markets we will attend in the pre-season. Thanks much.
Dan Childs