Recipe created in 2006 with the insights of Dr. Payne, Veterinarian

In 2006, choices for dog food were slim and the internet was relatively new as well. I searched the entire internet and not one dog food recipe was posted so I went to the library and researched and consulted with our veterinarian and this is the recipe we developed. I posted this on the internet offering it to anyone who wanted to start a dog food company with one caveat…. don’t take short cuts in quality to maximize your profits at the expense of people’s dogs. You now see an array of niche dog food companies out there and most have made some missteps and taken short cuts but their marketing is superb and deceitful so few people realize it. That said, here is how you can make your own dog food.

Collect 2 crock pots and an 8 quart or larger pan or 1 crock pot and several large pans.

Buy 24 oz. standard spaghetti sauce, 1 lb. dried lentils, 1 lb. dried split peas, 1 lb. dried garbanzo beans, 1 lb. brown rice, 5 lb. frozen veggies preferably with sweet potatoes, summer squash, beans, carrots, broccoli, etc. in the mix, 4 lb. ground turkey, 3 lb. frozen blueberries, 18 oz. Quaker quick oats, 3 tbsp. ground flax and 1/3 cup olive oil. Use exceptional water since you are going this far, don’t go short on water. We use Fiji.

In crock pot one put in blueberries, 1 cup water and turkey and put on high. Stir occasionally and make sure it is broken up. Heat to at least 165 degrees. When blueberries burst, turn heat off and set aside.

In a crock pot or large pan, mix 4 cups water, add 1 cup each of lentils, split peas, garbanzo beans, flax and frozen veggies and let cook on high. This is the pan that takes the longest.

On the stove heat 5 cups of water to boil in an 8-quart pan. Add a bag of brown rice and stir bringing back to a boil. Then reduce heat to lowest setting, add olive oil and let simmer for 50 minutes. Set aside.

When the veggies are well cooked and the dried food hydrated, mix the three in with your meat. Add oatmeal and stir to arrive at a nice consistency. Portion out to glass containers and let cool. Then freeze. Thaw as needed OR, let cool and portion into BPA free freezer bags and freeze.

For our 44 lb. family member, we put ¼ cup dry dog food and 3/4 cup wet dog food in a bowl twice a day adjusting for your dogs size and appetite. We freeze baby carrots and use them as treats. We also cook extra eggs and add them to his bowl for a treat once in a while.

Be careful! One niche market dog food startup added too much vitamin D to their food and killed dogs. Another grew, sold their preservative free dog food to a big chain who did not refrigerate it and again, killed dogs, ingredients imported from China/South America has concerns, etc. If you want to add anything to this recipe, a vitamin E now and again will add luster to the dog’s coat and sweet potatoes are good in moderation. We use Childs Beyond Organic, Nutrient Dense blueberries and on a last note--we sell our own Elderberry Elixir, which has received remarkable feedback from customers regarding their health improvements. We put a dash in our boys food now a few times a week...about 1/2 teaspoon on top of his breakfast plate. That is just us.

Given to the world in 2006 free of charge in memory of our boy, Crash, who died much to early, we believe due to the substandard quality of dog foods available, even at a high price. I remind all the dog food entrepreneurs out there filling their coffers the deal is, no shortcuts at the expense of our family members health!   

Dan and Carrie Childs

Crock Pot #1

Crock Pot #2

Large Pan

SShady Hineni (Greek for "here I am") was born 9-14-2022. He is half Poodle--no shedding and smart, and half English Springer Spaniel--which is his good looks and coloring. He is the apple of our eye and LOVES the food we make for him!