No Chemical, No Sulfites, No Headache Delicious Childs Wine! Over 250 chemicals are allowed for commercial wineries, liquor & beer breweries which makes Childs chemical free wine a treasure. Over 50 years experience making delicious, healthy wine and we only use our own premium fruit that we shortcuts! Each bottle has $15 to $20 worth of fruit in it made in the European tradition where you can drink all day and feel refreshed the following morning. Not so with commercial wine produced in the States. Our best customers are the ones who have purchased a bottle and are back for more and that is exactly our goal--repeat business! Making wine like we do is time consuming and it is an intricate combination of fruits with various acidities to achieve proper fermentation minus chemicals and thats where my lifetime of experience making wine comes in.
I recommend a full glass of ice and half the glass of chilled Childs Wine. Sit back and be refreshed perhaps even topping the glass off. You will get all the benefits of the superfood the wine is made with plus having a glass a day is why studies attribute a significant drop in heart disease. If a party is what you are after, enjoy a chatty, effervescent buzz with no chemical headache but be sure to put the keys away first.
Our bottles have secret messages hidden in the design and swing top lids for storage after opening.
What's the best part of Childs Wine? The delectable taste!
SWEET--not sweet like a dessert wine but a drinkable sweet enjoyed by many who are now buying by the case.
***Razzelle Trifecta--predominately Raspberry with Elderberry and Blueberry...a trifecta of superfoods in a glass. Raspberry=anti-aging, Blueberry=cancer fighter, Elderberry=immunity super boost.
****Beautiful Blue Wild Blueberry--made with a wild variety of tiny, uniquely flavored, sweet blueberries. The naturally sweeter of the wines.
*****Black Diamond Wild Elderberry--made with a wild variety of super healthy for you black elderberries. Great care is taken as we hand pick to remove any of the tiny green berries that get mixed in with commercial picking machines that can taint Elderberry products be it syrup, wine or pie.
DRY--we produce a very dry, unique Black Diamond Wild Elderberry.
$30 per bottle or 3 for $75.
Available at our farm store during UPICK season or at our farmers markets listed below.
We do not ship as we sell all we make without shipping.