From Buffalo, North Tonawanda, East Aurora, Elma Area--Take Rt. 90 to the East Aurora Expressway (Rt. 400 South).  Rt. 400 becomes Rt. 16 South.  Continue on Rt. 16 exactly five miles past the light in Franklinville. Make a right (signs posted) on County Rt. 19. Go ½ mile and make a right on Williams Hollow. Take your first left on Cooper Hill Road and follow the signs to the farm.

From Rochester, Scio, Hornell Area--Take Interstate 86 West to the Hinsdale Exit. Make a right on 16 North. Go 7.9 miles and make a left on the Five Mile Road (watch for sign) i.e. County Rt. 19. Go 1/2 mile and make a right on Williams Hollow. Take your first left on Cooper Hill Road and follow the signs to the farm.

From Ellicottville—Stay on Route 219 North to Great Valley and just past Davis- O'Laughlins Cadillac make a left on Peth Road. Stay on Peth Road past Great Valley Berry Patch to the four corners in Humphrey. Veer right (GPS will say left—disregard) on to Chapel Hill Road— (For non-paved winding country roads—the kind John Denver sang about turn at Childs Blueberry sign and follow signs for 4 miles).  For paved road—stay on Chapel Hill Road until it "T's" at County Route 19--The Five Mile Road. Take a left. Your second road on the left is South Cooper Hill Road and you want to turn there. Go 2.5 miles until the road again "T's". Turn left and the farm is .3 miles up.

From Allegany, Olean, Portville Area—Go past the Allegany-Limestone Middle/High School on County Rt. 19.  You're second left after Chapel Hill Road (also known as Humphrey Hill Road) is South Cooper Hill (signs posted).  Go 2.5 miles up on South Cooper and then make a left on Cooper Hill and watch for the farm.

From Pittsburgh, Salamanca, Erie, Jamestown—stay on I-86 until exit 24—Allegany. Make a left. Take a right on Chapin Cross Road, take a left on County Rt. 19…follow directions for Allegany, Olean, Portville from here.  Note--GPS will suggest you get off in Salamanca--I suggest you do not--wait until Exit 24 and let your GPS take it from there.

From Batavia--Take Route 98 south to Route 16. Make a left and enter Franklinville. Continue on Rt. 16 exactly five miles past the light in Franklinville. Make a right (signs posted) on County Rt. 19. Go ½ mile and make a right on Williams Hollow. Take your first left on Cooper Hill Road and watch for the farm.


Short YouTube Video of the farm...see what  our UPICK is about! Dan Childs

Google Maps works well from Route 400 out of Buffalo, from Hornell direction or from PA BUT it does not do well from Ellicottville. Disregard Google Maps and use the directions below from EVL. From Jamestown, Use Exit 24--St. Bonaventure and then follow Google Maps from there. 




Wild Elderberry Wine, Razzelle Trifecta Wine, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Syrup, Raw Mountain Honey, Raspberry Syrup, Frozen First Blueberries and Frozen Seconds Blueberries available by calling Carrie at 716 229-9779


Childs Blueberries Farm Stand: Open Tuesday through Sunday 9 to 6. from the end of July, through August.  Pick Your Own in mowed, manicured fields, well maintained, the view stretches for miles, golf cart ride out to field, multiple varieties of blueberries to choose from, clean restrooms and hand washing facilities, and at this higher elevation (2250 feet above sea level) there are few mosquitoes and the soil, which was never amalgamated by the glaciers, is perfect for growing nutrient dense blueberries. One last benefit, besides mulching and weed whacking, we use agricultural vinegar to kill weeds which snakes hate so they leave. After years of this, I can't even find a snake in our entire 110 rows of blueberries!


STORE UP during Peak Season with our Big Basket and enjoy quality Childs Blueberries all off season! Place your ENTIRE BASKET in the freezer for a day or week and then put in the Bisphenol (BPA) free Childs Blueberries double thick freezer bag. Did you know 15 years ago, studies conclusively proved BPA was really bad for you leaching into food and causing all sorts of health problems and the first company in America to have a BPA free bag was Childs and frankly, cheap off brand freezer bags may still not be BPA free as it costs more. ALL the grocery stores sold products with BPA in them, including baby bottles, for years until regulated by government; which by their action, shows how much they REALLY care for their customers. Only Childs took immediate action and went BPA free. New studies suggest BPA may cause fat cells to abnormally double in size accounting for overweight.


FARMER DAN SAYS…. My Dad attended classes at Cornell and Rutgers and implemented all he could on safe and effective farming. We are BEYOND ORGANIC© because we have been doing what organic intended to do since our beginning in 1983 and frankly, big corporations sit on the boards of organic standards allowing so many variances and lab made chemicals, it has become corrupted. There are many shortcuts taken in commercial farming. Things like rubber stamping "organic" on imported products when there is no oversight; labeling an imported frozen product as "packed" or "distributed" in the USA when it is imported in bins and then packaged here; labeling fruit mass produced as "wild"  when in reality it has fungicides, insecticides and herbicides used in the production; some fruit is left neglected, gets infested with worms (Google SWD) but is Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) to hide the problem thus the poor flavor and off taste for much of the frozen organically grown or conventionally grown frozen fruits.


At Childs Blueberries we use Integrated Pest Management. This means instead of spraying with the organic or conventional neurotoxin chemicals, I vacuum up Japanese Beetles off the bush using a shop vacuum. We use vinegar, weed whacking, and mulch to manage weeds --as opposed to commercial organic that creates a brown field (everything dead including the soil microbes) with harsh herbicides, waits three years and then get USDA organic certified which ignores half-life of chemicals used. We use pheromone traps and if we catch one pest, we nip the problem like preventive medicine does using a substance 200% milder than what is sprayed on 99% of the commercially grown organic fresh or frozen produce thus eliminating the problem before it gets a foothold. Our berries are NUTRIENT DENSE. There are more microbes in a teaspoon of soil than people on earth and pesticides kill microbes. Dead soil means the bush can't uptake nutrients as in eat. Our unique soil is alive and we even feed the microbes molasses and our bumble bee population is off the scale!  Only a micromanaged, family farmers can do this because big farms equal big problems. Learn more about our farming practices at