Fresh Childs Blueberries at our LAST Market of the year for North Tonawanda Farmers Market Saturday, October 9th rain or shine. 7 until 1. Details and caveats:
1. Carrie has a conflict so she will not be in East Aurora nor will we be in Williamsville. We are going to try to get a last EA Market in around November 13th or 20th with frozen berries but not fresh.
2. Our crew wrapped up Labor Day with other commitments so these berries are sweet and nice picked by Dan and Carrie. This is NOT the time to ask for big baskets to stock up for fall, winter and spring. I know, store frozen berries are lacking in so many ways but if you didn't get stocked up while we had peak season specials, I do have an option for you. Message me a order for our frozen berries and I will hold them for you on ice. Price is $5.25 per pint packed 16 pints to a case for $84. These are sweet, delicious, Beyond Organic Childs BLUEBERRIES. You can order an 8 pint bag for $44 although the case saves you $28 off the per pint price. You can't have too many blueberries in the freezer for the long off season.
3. We will have the other products pictured. Case price on the wine is $300 saving $60.
We were sold out of the chemical free wine but gladly are restocked with a few cases of each.
We hope to see you Saturday at the market which is the 290, right on Colvin, left on Robinson and your there.
Appreciate all the business and again, message me with pre orders for stocking up for those smoothies, pies, in oatmeal, as the late night snack and more.
Oh, please share. FB only will show this to 10% of the people who liked our Childs Blueberries page. Thank you.
Dan Childs aka Farmer Dan