Celebrating the
World's Natural Beauty

Blueberries Grown where Blueberries Grow Best--MOUNTAINS

"This kind of bee activity tells you that you have a health field! See for yourself!"

Dan Childs

Dan and Carrie of Childs Blueberry Farm welcomes you to experience superbly flavored blueberries. Our berries are grown in soil never touched by the glaciers @ 2250 feet. Blueberries grow wild on mountain tops like ours and that is one factor in why these berries taste so good and grow so well.

New Blueberry Facility 

"When we start weeding and/or pruning on row 1, by the time we reach the end of the last row, we have traveled 4 miles on our knees!" Dan Childs

"Our pile of prunings is as big as the farmers market end to end, each year. We cut the branches and then drag them to the ends of the rows and haul them to a very large bon fire site. This labor on our part ensures a delicious blueberry and minimizes disease in the bushes" Dan Childs

When visiting the farm, follow the signs and then look for this new blueberry facility, 150 feet down the hill from our old facility. 

Markets closed and sold out of frozen for 2017. Thank you! See you in July 2018!